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                Box Office:  607 656-8499 (TIXX)                                   Mailing Address:  PO Box 584, Greene, NY 13778

                Administration:  607 656-8778                                        Physical Address:  991 State Hwy. 12, Greene, NY.


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All performances Aug 9-19 are now SOLD OUT.  Sorry.

For handicap seating, or student tickets (half price), email us  before you buy tickets!

There ARE tickets available from Aug 30 - Sept 9.

For Aug 9 - 19, use the pink block below.  For Aug 23 - Sept 2, use the green block below.

For Sept 6 - 9, use the blue block below.

FIRST:  SELECT YOUR EXACT DATE by clicking on the gray “up/down” arrow.  You’ll see a choice of dates.  Click on the exact date you want. 

If your date does not show up as an option, then that day is sold out).

SECOND:  Click on the yellow BUY NOW button (read the instruction below before you click).

THIRD:  Fill in the # of tickets you need once you are on Paypal’s site.  Follow instructions to pay with ANY credit card.  We will confirm all online ticket purchases by email within 24 hours.